About me


Marina. That is me. Bright-eyed and enthusiastic. With deep empathy and a clear passion for my work. With my heart and with my mind.

I am a woman who loves contrasts – in life, in my style and as a wedding planner. My own journey was also built on contrasts: With studies in design and business, followed by experiences in event planning and marketing fields. 

I am thoughtful about creating twists that make everything in life a bit more interesting, and finding the beautiful synergy between opposites. Combining old with new, the usual with the unusual and vice versa. Creative and structured.


with you

In our work with each other, it is essential for me to establish a connection with you. I would like you to remember me as your professional partner by your side. Full of warmth and honesty. A woman who has seen you as you are.

I am incredibly good at understanding your needs, hearing your wishes and offering you solutions. You bring out the best of me when you eagerly join our journey. Share your dreams and sometimes dare to go even further. So that in the end something extraordinary evolves.