Thank you for your interest in OH YES CONCEPT WEDDINGS. We are taking a break, which is why we are not planning any weddings at the moment.



Because it is all about love. Make wedding planning a journey out of love, full of joy and relaxed. Our goal is to make it feel easy for you.

OH YES CONCEPT WEDDINGS embodies dichotomies. The OH gives you a feeling. Represents creativity and the emotional part of your wedding. The wow factor. The YES symbolises the structured planning.

Planning a wedding requires a perfect harmony of both. In the end, each process results in a unique concept. Not formulaic, but always extraordinary. Made by us. Made for you.

This is
our Mission

Believing in the power of aesthetics, we strive to inspire open-minded people and create space for lasting emotions built on real connections and trust.  

What We
Promise You

Unique luxury concepts based on your personalities

Trendsetting style between classic and fashion

Transparent and anticipating hands-on approach

Creative planning professionals

Empowering team with an open mindset

Passion for unseen detail


Are you a sophisticated couple? Are you seeking an upscale and design-rich wedding in Germany, Italy or Mallorca? A wedding inspired by the latest trends?

Let us connect with you, guide and surprise you. Side by side, we will capture and texturize your ideas and turn them into reality. Let us design, plan and realise your wedding, making space for you to simply enjoy and be present for some beautiful memories.

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"Thank you so much for our wonderful planning time and a wedding full of WOW moments! It was impressive how you really got to know us – true to your promise "It's about you". You understood our wishes and came up with new ideas creating something wonderful. At our wedding, we were very relaxed because we trust(ed) you blindly and knew you were by our side.“


"We owe the most unforgettable party of our lives to every single service provider. None of this would have happened without OYCW. Marina is an artist. Her concepts are unique, every wedding is different and yet you can see her handwriting in each one. She immediately understood us as a couple and transformed everything we are and what is important to us into a concept tailored to our needs. She knew what we wanted when we didn't know how to put it in words. I thank her and her colleague Catharina Conrad for their patience and for making the planning process and the day of the wedding as stress free as possible."


"We had an unforgettable dream wedding that exceeded our expectations. You contributed to this with your wonderful concept, which suited us to 100%! You always had an open ear for our wishes and stood by us reassuringly through turbulent planning times."



„Despite the very difficult starting situation in 2020, you helped us to have a beautiful and stress-free wedding. Your eye for design and the right contacts at your side were particularly great, so that we worked solely with great service providers. Thank you!"



"From the very beginning, every little detail was taken care of and all our wishes were implemented. On the wedding day itself, everything was perfect and the decorations were simply stunning. You were by our side throughout the day and so we could just enjoy our celebration!"



"You knew immediately what we had in mind and then took care of everything in a highly professional manner. You have a sensational feeling for aesthetics and design and always come up with extraordinary ideas. We would never have managed such a wedding on our own!"



"Wedding planning at its best - incredibly creative and with a great sense for details. You know what makes a modern wedding stand out and skilfully play with the latest trends. Together with the best partners in the industry, you made our wedding day the most beautiful day of our lives."



"You are bursting with creativity and have ideas that are individual, unique and innovative. You work in a very structured and organised way. So we could completely rely on you to always keep the overview."



"You did an incredibly great job. You found the location for us that was like a dream come true. The world needs extraordinary people like you who break all patterns and stereotypes and destroy and rebuild what everyone else is doing. You inspire others to do what they burn for."



"You have an insanely good eye for detail and can create great results with small things. You have a super sense for design and an eye for the special. You see things that others don't and create a new atmosphere with unusual details. Your love for details is incredible!"



"Enthusiastic and spontaneous. Warm and creative. You always did everything you could to successfully implement our ideas. Even under the greatest stress you kept a cool head and found new possibilities. Your talent to manage many things at the same time is unbeatable!"



"You are wonderful at listening and putting yourself in the shoes of others. Time and again you gave us new impulses and motivated us to think in a different direction. Your special sense of beauty was never neglected.“



We love to connect people. Turn strangers into friends.


When searching for the perfect location, nothing is too far for you.


Each one different. Each one special. Always in style.