Thank you for your interest in OH YES CONCEPT WEDDINGS. We are taking a break, which is why we are not planning any weddings at the moment.



Let's come together and define our way. We go on an exciting journey and we take you with us, inspire and delight you. 

Your wedding is supposed to be unique. And most importantly: suits to you. Our offer to you? As your wedding planner we are your partner on the way. The way to your unique and distinctive wedding. 

In the very beginning we get to know each other. We talk to each other. About your wishes and visions. And maybe we fall in love with each other. This is exactly where our journey begins. And how? You have the choice between two packages. 




Our goal is to make planning your wedding feels easy to you. It is important to us to create a wedding for you as a couple: our focus is on you and your wishes. We design your wedding so that it touches you as a bridal couple. Because if you are happy, so are your guests.

Share your ideas with us!